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07 September 2008 @ 09:51 am
(it certainly has been a long time since I last updated. i'm really sorry about that.)

spencer here, reporting live, from sophie's dorm room! it has certainly been an interesting time.

first, i spent about a week stuffed into a box with other animals piled on top of me, and it was dark. then, i was suddenly freed and placed on a bed i had never seen before, in a room that didn't look familiar. i adjusted though and it's been new.

i've seen sophie's room buddy, sarah. she's nice and very energetic, kind of like lynette was. i've also met this guy, elias, who comes in sometimes to sing songs from musicals to sophie and talk to her. he made rex sing and dance last night! i've also met kathryn, who's really sweet and sat with me and sophie to watch project runway.

this place is really pretty. i like looking out the window sometimes when sophie's gone to eat and i miss her. but she always comes back.

i miss my other humans though. and the other animals.
Current Mood: somewhere else
12 July 2008 @ 05:13 pm
... this has been a lazy summer so far. i have been watching quite a bit of late night tv movies [nothing to write here about] and sleeping ... with pookie and with skypipe. they have nice beds. the man snores. :] that's ok. so do i a little.

i met a lot of skypipe's bed friends ... daphne, lily, rex, mr. bear, oh, and there were others ... some nicer than others. i could have stayed longer with daphne. she had a lot to tell me about skypipe.

i will be going with my humans to scotland and england soon. i'll have lots to say, i'm sure. good thing i'm getting lots of sleep.
Current Music: no sleep tonight - the faders
18 June 2008 @ 07:19 pm
i had a bath today. it wasn't quite as scary as i thought it would be ... the bath was cold and agitating but soft and cushioned with all the other clothes.

the dryer was [oh, hold on...] GREAT! [there. tough one.] warm and loopy. lots of whee!

so having a bath is nice as long as it always ends with the tumble. ;]

it's rainy, sort of, and i am watching/playing jeopardy. i learn a lot from watching jeopardy.

mike myers is funny. excellent! ... tee hee hee
Current Mood: clean
14 June 2008 @ 04:05 pm
i've been looking at my human's catalogs. i don't understand why the rugs aren't soft. they look like they would be soft, but they feel like shiny paper.

that's just weird.

the man human is playing sim city 4 and is saying things i don't understand to the screen.

i don't recommend getting it because it'll make you say bad words and sigh a lot. although i am to understand that destroying the city with monsters can be fun.

i guess i should mention the rating system i will be using. 4 paws is outstanding and soawesome! ... it goes downhill from there to no paws which is truly awful. i hope i don't have to show you no paws very often. i dislike observing things that are truly awful.

don't you?

right now i am listening to a cd by serj tankian who was the lead singer with 'system of a down'. this cd came out 2007. [ and i'm only hearing of it now? ] it's extreme bouncing music with quiet bits of mysteriousness in it then lots of shouting. he has a really cool voice. he is Lebanese.
"Tankian often speaks publicly against violence and injustice in the world."

his lyrics even say so.

i would recommend this music to anyone who likes thoughtful metal music with a message. it's loud-ish but really really rock on dude. whoo!

i give it 3 and a hop-skip paw [slightly better than three. not as good as four]. it's a little too screamo in some songs for such an interesting voice and good things to say.

oh! and a special shout out thanks to ossarium for suggesting how to hit the shift key without my humans. thanks! [see?].

high five,
Current Mood: rockin'
Current Music: serj tankian - elect the dead
11 June 2008 @ 10:32 am
this is me/

this was at a party. i like chips. they are utz chips.

i think this is a nice picture of me.

i hope you like it and that you will like this place. it's a nice place. i'm told i am a nice tiger. i like to high five.

i can't reach the shift, so i will have to make do. maybe my human friends can help sometimes. they are nice humans. they snuggle with me and watch tv with me. i like tv.

i like lots of things as you will soon see ...
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